How to Guest Hunt With the Metamora Hunt

Published June 13, 2022 | 01:49 PM

Is Fox Hunting on your "bucket list" or something you have done, but not lately? 

Following are the steps to take to guest hunt with us: 

Non-members may guest hunt a maximum of three times per season. 

Phone one of our MFHs for permission at least a day before you wish to hunt.   

Joe Maday: 586 381-8834. Ken Matheis: 248 431-4093. Deborah Bates Pace: 586 713-1640. Permission must be granted to you for each date you hunt. 

Make out a check made to Metamora Hunt for your guest hunting fee ("capping" fee):   $55 for Adults on regular hunts, $100 for Opening Day and Thanksgiving Day hunts.  Junior capping fees are $25 for all hunts. Print out and sign our release, put release and check in an envelope with your name on the outside. Put it in your hunt coat pocket. 

Get your horse, tack, attire and boots scrupulously clean. Questions? Contact the Honorary Secretary Michelle Mortier 586 914-5802. 

Call the hotline at the Kennels the morning of the hunt, for any updates: 810 678-2711. 

DO NOT HACK cross country to the meet. Use the roads only to get to the meet site. All hunts start exactly on time, so please plan on arriving at the meet site early. If you are trailering, confirm where to park. Be sure to turn your phone off before you arrive at the meet site. 

Give your envelope with the check and release it to the Secretary or an MFH as soon as you arrive. 

Introduce yourself to everyone. Then, determine who is leading the "field" you wish to ride in and hang out near them. We often break into three groups: The First Flight trots, canters, gallops, and jumps. The Second Flight trots and canters. The Third Flight is a walk-trot group that does not jump and is a good place for most beginning fox hunters and their mounts. 

When an MFH calls out "Good Morning!" immediately give your full attention. 

Follow the instructions of your Field Master as they are responsible for your safety. Follow the lead of the Members for etiquette and manners. If you or your horse needs to finish your hunt the day before the end of the hunt, be sure to tell your Field Master; don't simply leave.  

Hounds and staff riders always have the right of way. Clear off trails and turn your horse's nose toward them as they pass. 

Be a courteous ambassador of the Hunt to anyone you see while hunting. Thank everyone at the end of the hunt. 

Come to breakfast. Kiss your horse on the nose. Take a nap. Repeat two more times this year. Consider joining the Metamora Hunt!