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Our Joint Masters of Foxhounds are Joe Maday (since 2007) and Ken Matheis (since 2013). As with most hunts, ours are elected and have overall year-round responsibility for all matters related to hounds and hunting. Feel free to contact them with your questions or to inquire about hunting as a guest.

Joe Maday


Ken Matheis



Adrian Smith


Adrian Smith joined us in May of 2010. Adrian entered professional hunt service as a career in England while still in his teens. He was a huntsman in Virginia for 10 years prior to moving to Metamora. His job is to breed, train, care for and, most importantly, direct our hounds while they are hunting. These tasks are done in consultation with the Masters.

He is also the winer of the 2009 North American Fox Hunting Horn Blowing Championship at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show,

Former Masters of Fox Hounds

Elliot S. Nichols

Frederick M. Alger, Jr.

William R. Clark

Ben Colman

Edgar R. Thom

Edward C. Parker

Thomas E. Wilson

Dr. David Loweth

Charlie Backus

William Kennedy

Fred Reynolds

Troy Maschmeyer

Jane Howard

James Spangler

Peter Whitman

Buck Kisor

Warren Packard

Sherry Thompson

Phillip Maxwell

Caitlin Rollins

Dr. James Thomas

Maureen Handley

Joe Kent

Debbie Pace

Our Hounds

The Metamora Hunt hounds are primarily crossbreds — a particular variety of the foxhound breed. Friendly by nature, they come in a variety of colors and coats, both smooth and “broken;” but have been carefully bred for qualities that we value. Each has a name and personality. Their health, happiness and well being are our highest priorities.