Hunter Pace Results

Who knew time keeping could take so long? The White Rabbit of course! So let me drag it out a little longer.

First, the Metamora Hunt would like to extend its sincerest gratitude, yet again, to the very generous landowners in Metamora Horse Country. Without you, our sport could not exist. Your generosity and friendship make our community special.

Two, I personally and on behalf of the Metamora Hunt, would like to extend my/our warmest thanks to the many volunteers who gave their time and talent (and good humor) to make today’s event possible.

Three, to the riders, we love hosting you and sharing our community and look forward to many more years and memories.

Without further delay . . . the winners are:

Fastest Time
Leslie, Zach & Ingrid Cieplechowicz
Melinda Capuano and Maurice Freed

Optimum Time 1:45:09
Phyllis Swalwell and Kim Martus
Janine Klayman and Maureen Thomas
Michelle Fuller and Shannon Budzynski
Kevin Bremer and Hanna Bremer Tomasik
Kerry McKinley, Cathy Nezwek, Mirta Soler, and Rebecca Soto
Madison Thompson, Sarah George, Brittany Stengle and Kristen Scott Rodgers

Congratulations to our ribbon recipients; they will be placed in the mail for delivery to your team captains. And finally, thank you to Mother Nature for a perfect fall day. We hope to see you all again next year!