Hunter Pace Results 2016

Fall Hunter Pace – Oct. 9th

Our thanks to all those who participated in the Fall Hunter Pace on October 9th!
Riders were treated to wonderful weather and a marked trail through some of the most beautiful properties in the Metamora Countryside. We thank the generous landowners who opened their private trails to the Pace riders for the event. A special thanks to all of the hard working volunteers who made it all possible!

On this year’s fall ride, 126 riders and horses participated. 56 rigs, 8 miles of trails, 6 bottles of sherry, 4 jugs of cider, 12 packages of cookies, 24 landowners, 18 volunteers , 55 degrees of fall sunshine and of course 1 porta potty completed the event! Check out Metamora Hunter Pace on Facebook to post and see other riders pics and smiling faces from the fabulous day.

Here are the winning teams:
Fastest Time Division:

  • 1st: @ 56 minutes and 56 seconds: Courtney Robb and Heather Lawson.
  • 2nd: @ 59 minutes and 00 seconds: Maurice Freed, Mario Olivas, and Teri Elliott.
  • 3rd: @ 1 hour, 48 minutes and 30 seconds: Colleen Kappel and Patricia Hurley.

Optimum Time Division:
Optimum Time was set by a Metamora Hunt Member on Saturday morning, October 8th.
The Optimum Time was:1 hour, 44 minutes. 18sec.

  • 1st: @ 1hour, 43 min, 10 sec (-0:01:08): Ashley Ross, Vickie Prizer, Kim Radant, Nancy Huber, and Jessica Filiatrault.
  • 2nd: @ 1hour, 42 min, 50 sec (-0:01:28): Cindy Dillon, Kristi Crawford, Ylva Axelsson, Chris Litteral.
  • 3rd: @ 1hour, 47 min, 12 sec (+02:54): Chal Fitzpatrick, Payton Fitzpatrick, Becky Bebber.
  • 4th: @ 1hour, 47 min, 49 sec (+03:31): Lynn Popa, John Stauch.
  • 5th: @ 1 hour 48 min, 10 sec (+04:22): Miss Sydney Moore and Miss Claire Pace.
  • 6th: @ 1 hour, 39min, 22 sec (+04:56): Annie Zimmerman and Andy Curell.
  • Ribbons will be mailed to the team leaders the week of October 24.