Glossary of Terms

AWAY – When a fox has left the covert.

BRUSH – A fox’s tail.

CAST – A planned move in the search of a lost line.

CHECK – An interruption of the run.

COLORS – The distinctive colors that distinguish one hunt from another.

COUPLE – Two hounds of any sex.

COVERT – (pronounced “cover”) A patch of woods or brush where a fox may be found.

CRY – The sound given by hounds when hunting.

CUB – A young fox.

CUBHUNTING OR CUBBLING – Early hunting before the formal season.

DRAW – To search for a fox in a certain area.

EARTH – A place where a fox goes for protection.

FIELD – The group of people riding to the hounds.

FIELDMASTER – The person designated by the MFH to control the field.

FIXTURE – The time and place of the hunt.

GATE CROWD – Riders led by a Master that follows the filed, but do not go over jumps.

GATEMASTER – The person that controls the gate crowd.

GONE TO GROUND – The fox goes to ground for shelter.

HILLTOPPERS – Riders who follow the filed at a distance and a slower pace.

HOLD HARD – Stop please.

HONOR – A hound “honors” when he gives tongue on a line found by another hound.

HUNTSMAN – The person who controls the hounds in the field.

LINE – The trail of the fox.

MASTER- Master of Foxhounds (MFH). The person in command of the hunt and all matters throughout the year having to do with the management of the hounds, kennel and landowner relations. The huntsman typically reports to the Master(s). Multiple Masters of a hunt are referred to as Joint Masters.

RIOT – Anything that hounds might hunt that they should not.

SCENT – The smell of a fox.

SPEAK – To give tongue.

STAFF – The huntsman and whippers-in.

STERN – The tail of a hound.

TONGUE – Cry when a hound is on a line.

VIEW – Seeing the fox.

WHIPPER-IN – A staff member who assists the huntsman.

Click here for a pdf version of the glossary  Glossary of Fox Hunting Terms