Be a Part of It.

Be Our Guest. And experience the magic of the Metamora Hunt. From the sights to the sounds … the horn to the hounds, the mist on the meadows, to the sweat on the horses’ flanks, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned foxhunter, or simply a Friend of the Hunt, you’ll find our members as welcoming as our horse country is wondrous. And that there as many ways to join us, as there are horses and horseman.

So, You’re a First Timer. Or your horse is. Either way, you’ve come to right place. We offer seminars on how to begin, weekly clinics on riding Cross Country, and everything in between … from what to wear, to riding etiquette, and which of our three flights would be most appropriate for you.

  • Our Field: where the more seasoned riders and horses are closest to the action. This group jumps obstacles.
  • Our Gate Crowd: where those who don’t jump, find a way around, but still stay close to the field. They are so-named because they had the responsibility for closing farm gates when cattle farms dominated our hunt country.
  • And Our Hilltoppers: where green horses or novice riders can get their feet wet, while learning the ropes and keeping a little more distance at a more controlled pace.

No, You’re a Veteran? Terrific. Come. Bring your fellow foxhunters, and we’ll help you find everything from accommodations for yourselves and your horses to hirelings should you prefer that. Either way, you’re in for treat foxhunting in Metamora. Where you’ll also find wonderful places to stay, eat, shop, and more things to do than you’d ever imagine. So come for the day or the week, and make it a trip you look forward to every year. Or better yet, become a member – and come again and again and again

Speaking of that … we have several members already who live in Canada or Chicago and drive in or fly in to hunt with us. It’s easy. Especially with the Flint airport so close .and Detroit’s Metro airport just over an hour away , and boarding facilities and riders available to help keep your horses hunt fit. So give that a thought. After all, there are never enough great places to hunt. But Metamora is surely one of them.

Want more information or permission to hunt as a guest? Contact the Metamora Hunt Masters of Foxhounds, Joe Maday, MFH or Ken Matheis, MFH. See Contact Us.